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SWISS THERMO® is a Polish manufacturing company dealing with modern technologies used in construction. Our company specialises in thermal insulation of roofs, walls, industrial equipment, various types of pipelines and agricultural facilities. This is how our modern, water-based paints and pastes that provide thermal reflective coatings capable of saving up to 80% of energy in both hot and cold climates, were created.

These products contain densely packed microspheres that reflect over 90% of thermal radiation conducted by electromagnetic waves in the full spectrum of visible light, including thermal (infrared) waves. These waves attempt to penetrate a partition, such as a wall or a roof, scattering inside it before ultimately passing through to the other side. SWISS THERMO® coatings act as a barrier reflecting them away from the surface.


What are the characteristics
of the coatings?

High adhesion

These coatings adhere to almost all substrates, ensuring their durability and effectiveness.
podłoży, co zapewnia ich trwałość i efektywność.

High flexibility

Thanks to their flexibility, these coatings are resistant to cracks and damages.
odporne na pęknięcia i uszkodzenia.

Abrasion resistance

SWISS THERMO® coatings are resistant to abrasion, resulting in their long-lasting performance.
ścieranie, co przekłada się na ich długotrwałość.

Elimination of thermal bridges

These coatings eliminate thermal bridges, preventing the condensation of water vapor and the growth of mold, algae, and fungi on the surface.

Excellent thermal modernization material

These coatings allow for significant savings due to their thin-layered, cost-effective, and very easy application.

Thixotropic properties

These coatings have low resistance to tools during application, resulting in less effort for the painter during their application.

Looking for a modern and durable thermal insulation solution? Choose Swiss Thermo®!

Our innovative products offer the potential to reduce energy consumption by up to 80% thanks to the use of unique polymer microspheres. Regardless of the conditions - whether it's cold or hot - the technology we implement reflects nearly 95% of electromagnetic energy, including infrared waves, ensuring efficiency across the entire visible light spectrum.

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SWISS THERMO® coatings and pastes provide thermal insulation because of their reflective properties and result in cost-of-energy savings of up to 80%. It should be noted that each of these products works within a different range of electromagnetic waves, therefore, to ensure maximum efficiency it must be used in accordance with their intended purpose.

Penetrating and reflecting thermal waves


Without coating With coating


Without coating With coating

On the roof

Without coating With coating

Universal application of coatings


Historical monuments

Domy i bloki mieszkalne

Houses and apartment buildings





Offices and public offices

Hale produkcyjne

Production halls



Przemysł spożywczy i hodowla zwierząt

Food industry and animal husbandry
i hodowla zwierząt


Types of coatings

Swiss Thermo Wewnętrzne

Swiss Thermo® Wewnętrzne

is a thermal reflective paint designed for use indoors. Its main task is to reflect over 90% of thermal waves off the walls, improve the convection of air masses inside a room and provide a desired change in thermal comfort.

Swiss Thermo Fasada

Swiss Thermo® Fasada

is a thermal reflective paint designed for use on building facades. The main purpose of this coating is to reflect over 90% of the electromagnetic waves from the sun that cause heating of the walls.


Swiss Thermo® Bitum

is a thermal reflective coating used on roofs. The primary purpose of this coating is to reflect over 90% of the electromagnetic wave energy from the sun, which is associated with heating the roof surface.

masa bitum

Swiss Thermo® Masa Bitum

is a thermal reflective paste for use on roofs. The main purpose of this coating is to reflect over 90% of the electromagnetic wave energy coming from the sun and related to heating the roof surface.

Not sure which product to choose for your project? Talk to a Swiss Thermo® advisor!

SWISS THERMO® represents modern technological coatings distinguished by their care for ecology and a low carbon footprint. As excellent tools for renovation, they not only enhance the quality of life but also protect our environment, ensuring the future of our planet.

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